1.Do I really need an event planner? Can't someone like my sister plan it for me?

These are questions many brides-to-be ask until they see the real benefits of hiring professionals. Just as you may enlist the help of an experienced interior designer to design a beautiful living space, в seasoned planner brings a creative vision and far sight that will streamline the process and take your wedding inspirations a step further. You may consider hiring a planner if you tend to invite more than fifty guests, have differing opinions between family members and/or don’t want to burden your bridal party with endless tasks. We will work with you to create a distinct and memorable experience where no detail is overlooked to ensure things run smoothly. We are there for you from the beginning of the wedding day until the end, calmly taking care of all the detailed scheduling, deliveries, logistics and general troubleshooting so that you and your family can fully relax and enjoy every minute of the day without any worries. Last minute changes or unforeseen crises are discreetly taken care of while your day unfolds effortlessly.

2.What should I expect during the initial consultation?

We offer a complimentary initial consultation to get acquainted with you, your vision and aesthetic for the big day. Be prepared to provide information on the date, number of guests and the services you will require. We will show you our portfolios, discuss your requirements, explain our services to you and answer any questions you may have.

3.What are your charges?

We charge a flat fee for full service coordination based on the size and scale of the event.